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Drat this working for a living all to heck.

Later 11 November 2010 - I wish to add an elementary school to my list - the one I started at in 1962. It was later transformed into the junior high school (to follow our bulge through the python), and I attend it again. I've submitted a request - we'll see if the system can cope with non-imaginary things that don't exist now.

Later (was: 04 August 2007). And later is: now, 10 August 2008. Edit: 18 August 2008.

I was born in Calgary Alberta Canada. My Mom was born in Vancouver Washington USA and my Dad was born in Riley Alberta Canada. My Mom's mom was born in Helena Montana USA and my Mom's dad was born in Sheffield England. My Dad's mom was born in Presho South Dakota USA and my Dad's dad was born in Oaklake Ontario. My Dad's family has been in Canada since Alexander Goodwin's first wife died and he left his two young sons in Scotland to come to Canada in 1785[1], where he married a second time and had thirteen children. One of the sons of his second family is my great great grandfather.

I am an only child, but I have 27 cousins on my Dad's side and 5 cousins on my Mom's side. I am married to my SOGP[2], who was worth the wait, and I have no children. When I got married, I got an Auntie June and an Auntie May from my husband's side of the family. My first name is April.

At one time I had moved more times than I'd had birthdays[3], but I will only list each place once regardless of how many times I have moved there from one of the other places: Calgary Alberta, Okanagan Falls BC, Penticton BC, Kelowna BC, Kamloops BC, Sorrento BC, Trail BC, Nelson BC, Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, Port Moody BC, Westbank BC, Vermilion Alberta. We are currently living in Vancouver BC and, if I have my way, will never move again.

I have a BA in English. I graduated when I was 40 and I wish I had done the degree directly out of high school. I still don't know "what I can do" with a degree in English but it was the best career move I ever made. Actually, what I suppose I really wish is that I was/were/am/had been the type of person who has enough confidence to follow through on my dreams, but I didn't/wasn't/don't, so I don't suppose going directly to university would have panned out at the time anyway. Nonetheless: glad I did it; I strongly encourage everyone to do the thing they really really want to do, no matter when that is. Go; reading this can't be it.

[1] - dates mostly accurate to the nearest century.
[2] - Spousling Of Great Price.
[3] - sometime in my nearly 20's, I think; currently the number is about 27.