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Drat this working for a living all to heck.

Dec. 13th, 2014

12:35 am - Nope 2.

Can't view the comments of any livejournal posts from home.

I am angry about this, but also inebriated, so probably won't make sense.  Basically: fuck all the things.


Dec. 11th, 2014

09:43 pm - Nope.

Go away.  Log out login.  Turn it off then on. Nope.  I don't have enough free time to be spending it on unravelling a problem that doesn't have a cause that I have any influence over.

Oh Usenet - how I miss you.


08:11 pm - Okay - the weirdness continues.

So.  I can log in to LJ at home - good.  And I can read the entries - good.  But I can't read the comments.  Weird.  I was trying to read the comments on James Nicoll's post about which phone plan is best, and it keeps flipping me out to his whole list of posts.  No matter where I start, I get to the comments, and *flip* - there I am at the list of posts.  So peculiar.


Dec. 9th, 2014

09:35 pm - Better, now.

Whatever was the issue has been sorted - by someone or thing other than me.  All I did was whine, which I must say, is often a useful approach.


11:21 am - So, still no Livejournal at home

I suppose my browser is just too old.

Which is a pain.  I am not a happy camperette.


Dec. 8th, 2014

12:31 pm - Did anyone else have trouble yesterday, getting the log in page?

I couldn't get the log in page yesterday for anything.  I could get any other thing I wanted.  I get even get the status page, but the "Known Issues" link also led to "This page cannot be loaded" blah de blah.

Was bummer because I like to spend a big lump of time reading the things I've skimmed during the week.

I pouted.  I will contined to do so for some time yet.


Nov. 12th, 2014

07:32 pm - How much my Grama would have loved the internet.

One of the best things about the internet is people posting tutorials on how to
      peel a pomegranite
      shoot water filled milk jugs with a 22 at various ranges
      roll your hair up in a bun with a cut off sock ankle
      use a clothing steamer to make no discernable difference to already wrinkle-free clothes


     knit and crochet!

I am not very manually deft, but even *I* can crochet a crocodile stitch after watching the following video four times.  :)

I love that not only can you find someone who has carefully filmed ssk and other arcane stitches - but several people have, and they all do it differently, so you'll eventually find a technique that works with your dexterity (think: unable to hit floor with hat).

Grama?  Grama knew how to knit & crochet skillfully. *She* would have been deep in one of the Fandoms, giving people hell in no uncertain terms.


02:00 pm - I fell on my nose today ...

... on my way to work.  I was 15 steps from the door way and tripped over the edge where the (flat) pavement meets the (flat) concrete apron in front of the business next door.

It was one of the least stressful fall overs I've ever had.  I did actually hit my nose - & I felt my forehead touch.  But other than a slight bleeding nose that didn't even bleed enough to drip on my lip, no marks.

Edited 13Nov14 to add - and today I have very few bruises, and no marks on my face, and no pains anywhere.  Even though my face actually hit the ground yesterday, the word "hit" is not actually accurate - it was like the touch of a feather (okay my nose is slightly sore - but not bruised).  I doubt that I could lay down on the ground and touch my face down with as few marks.

If that's the kind of falling down I have in store for me, I'll accept it gratefully (if not gracefully).  :)

Nov. 2nd, 2014

12:06 pm - Roasting Vegetables in the Oven

One of my frivolous uses of LJ is to record recipes that I will no doubt lose if I put them anywhere else.

So.  One can't roast all the vegetables for the same amount of time, or some are undercooked and some are burnt.  So, here is my rough and ready rule: roast them as you chop.  The expanded version is to then chop them in the longest-to-cook to shortest-to-cook order.  In general, each batch of veggies spends at least 10 mins in the oven before the next batch is added.

So.  Start with your emply pan in a 400 F oven.

Scrub your veggies and dry them.

Chop any of: potatoes, beets, parsnips, carrots, pearl onions, and hardskinned squash like acorn or butternut.  I peel my squashes because I can't digest their skins, but other people leave them on - let your tummy be your guide.  I don't peel anything else (okay: I peel the onions, fiddly things that they are).  (I may break this veggie group into two, just for ease of oil coating.)

Chuck them in a bowl with a dollop of olive oil plus your preferred herbs (see below), and stir until thoroughly coated.

Throw them into the hot pan, and put the pan back in the oven.

Chop any of: sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower.  Roll in herby oil & fling in pan & return pan to oven.

Chop brussel sprouts.  Oil, pan, oven.

Chop mushrooms.  Oil, pan, oven.

After the last addition, keep in oven for an additional 20 to 30 mins (or longer, as needed).

Serve with a creamy cheese like cream cheese or goat cheese.  And bread for sopping up the juices.


I use different herbs in each oil bath, depending on the veggie.

Potato + rosemary
Tomato + basil
Onions + parsley
Beets + marjoram or dill
Carrots + savoury
Parsnips + savoury
Butternut or acorn squash + ginger or cumin
Cauliflower + cumin or paprika & turmeric or paprika & chili powder
Sweet pepper + oregano
Brussel sprouts + nutmeg
Mushrooms + thyme

Oh yes: I salt & pepper every oil bath.

I confess that I haven't used potatoes yet because even only one each (except onions, brussel sprouts, & mushrooms) fills your pan pretty quickly.  I make a big pan on Sunday & we use it for lunches throughout the week.

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Oct. 4th, 2014

10:47 am - Proposing a "Read and enjoyed; thanks." response to grease the wheels of Livejournal.

Here is a comment that I just made somewhere else, which I think is such a good idea that I think you should know about it too.

"The other part of Livejournal is that, to reward the poster for posting something interesting, one can't just go *LIKE* with a single click. And usenet etiquette, which mostly pertains here, says that it is gauche to post just a smirkee or a me too. But sometimes one doesn't have anything useful to contribute other than "how very interesting" so one does nothing and the Livejournal poster feels that they are just shouting into an empty echo-ey tunnel - and they stop posting.

So maybe, while we are all getting back up to speed with Livejournal use, it will be okay to simply post this reply:

Read and enjoyed; thanks."

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